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Magic Cube making

Updated: Feb 10, 2019

Few words, pictures and HD video

about my 'Magic Cube' making

and ideas behind the project

Magic cube is one of my first 3D projects after few years. It recent form derived from synthesis of its topic and process of making. The cube is made out of metal and sprayed over with metallic, copper paint. It is combination of industrial and religious object.

Original word, which I was coming from was Organic. I made a cardboard model, which was square and later, I wanted to apply another surface, to make its shape more spherical. After two days, when I get back to this project, I changed my mind, when realized that the square shape is quite interesting. So I decided to make it in metal.

It was a challenge to re-create same form in different material. To use different techniques and approaches. I have learned how to work with metal. To cut, bend and weld it. It took me eight hours in the metal workshop, but it was worth it.

Firs layers of paint were yellow and blue. I scratched into paint surface and drew ornaments with 3D pen. It didn’t come out as I expected, so I sand it off once again and applied copper paint. The ornaments stood intact and with new layer of paint look more compact. The cube started to look more as some mystic relic, while keeping its original, industrial character.

I was not inspired by any certain artist or work. I was rather focused on process of making and material possibilities and limitations.