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Making and Materials

About use of materials in Art generally and in my practice.

As an artistic material, we can use literally anything. From classical substances as clay, stone or paints, to unusual ones, as sugar, waste, or human blood.

Marc Chagall, Circus Horse, 1964

Marc Quinn, Selfportrait, made out of his blood

I am personally interested in connecting materials used by indigineous cultures, with new, recent technologies. For example; natural materials, used in healing ceremonies by tribe healers. Animal skulls, skins, music instruments (shamanic drum, made of goat skin) or plants.  Shaman is altering his consciousness, to heal individual, or group. Alternatively, to find solution, or answer to question, problem his/her community is facing.

Indigenous Healer

Eskimo Medicinman, Alaska

On the other side, recent technology. Its use to alternate human states of mind. From many different technological tools and approaches, I am thinking about use of binaural beats. Sound, produced in digital form, in certain frequency to affect our, human brain. Binaural beat is defined as: When two coherent sounds with nearly similar frequencies are presented to each ear respectively with stereo headphones, the brain integrates the two signals and produces a sensation of a third sound called binaural beat”.

Binaural Beats Explained

Brainwave's Chart

Another way to look at it is; to create connection between, or to fuse science with myths. To give this synthesis a form in artistic fashion.

If this is successful, it should lead to “product” of this fusion. The actual Art. The state, or the experience, while interacting with this fuse object, or instrument.

The Art apparatus, might be a mixture of 3D object and electronic device. Device would produce frequency, in Hertz which is needed and visitor, participant would hear it through headphones.

Sketch of the object in VR: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fZs6KG5tIp4