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Spirituality in Art

Spirituality in Art

Art is poetically called; food for soul, aesthetical depiction for uplifting. Medium to shift our focus from material, everyday tasks to a higher level of our experiencing. Therefore Spirituality and Art are frequently intersect.

In cave art, dated back up to 64,000 years (Iberia, Neanderthals), are depicted not only animal and human figures, but as well otherworldly appearing forms. Swedenborg claimed that ancient humans had a spiritual science; called the science of correspondences. This worldview straddled two ontological, real worlds—the physical and spiritual worlds—and consisted of using physical images to represent higher, spiritual concepts.

Some other researchers presume, by patterns and shapes of the paintings, that our ancestor were making these under influence of psychedelic plants.

Aboriginal Cave Art

Iberian Cave Art

Aboriginal Cave Art

Spirituality has been illustrated by art throughout the history. From Mesopotamian, Greek, to Roman Culture. Later influence by Christianity in Byzantine, until the Modern Art was born.

Mesopotamian Religious Art

Orthodox Iconography

Michelangel's Creation of Adam

Indian Spiritual Art is influenced by Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Islam as well as many other smaller religions.

Goddess Kali

Yamantaka, Destroyer of the God of Death

Art of 20th century privileges secularism over religious, institutional spirituality. Secularism started in Renaissance, but not on such a big scale.

There is a new type of spirituality emerging. Personal, psychological, intimate, sexual, dreamy, surreal or digital spirituality. Artist is creating modern, sacred space. Discovering deeper, immaterial essence in everything around us.

Francis Bacon: Study after Velázquez’s Portrait of Pope Innocent X

Salvador Dali: Virgin of Guadalupe

Joseph Beuys: How to explain pictures to a dead hare

Art, with its freedom of form and medium, is ideal gizmo to express spirituality in different manner from science or philosophy.