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Object Memory

VR Experience

as a part of the Real Accelerate programme for Phoenix Leicester.

Open World

Game Environment

An interactive, third-person environment, created in an artistic manner.

A playable demo is coming later this year.

My entry (winner) for the Beta X Photogrammetry competition is based on a 100 metres scan of the Church gate. I have scanned both sides of the street, including the facade of the Beta X gallery.
I chose this part of the street because I am familiar with it. I visited the gallery in past. The scans are taken on an iPhone 12.
I have exported these into the Blender 3D software and arranged them.
My work is based on the intersection of a digital 'imprint' and subjective experience.
Therefore, I combined the collected data with other objects and rearranged them into a dreamy continuum. The final scene is a rendered video in a length of 36 seconds.

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