To keep my sanity, I need to create.

Creating has become a routine of my psychological hygiene and a way of communication between my inner worlds and outer/common reality.

Intuitiveness plays an important role in my workflow.

That is why the final piece can be very different from my first intention. In my work process, I build more on the impression than on a concrete composition or form.

My work is the result of continual, theoretical, and practical exploration into life in its complexity.

The drive behind my motivation interaction, perception and subjective experience in its whole complexity.

I am intrigued by various points of view, and beliefs on the structure of reality, including spiritual, scientific, psychological, and biological perspective and their intersection.

The emerging of a new world of Ai and technological development is changing how I understand and interact with reality.

The prospect of technological singularity is opening a whole new chapter for art and its purpose.

I chose technology as my medium because its qualities are allowing me to work on ideas in a much complex manner.